Fire/Medical/Rescue Protection Services – Watab Township

Watab Township has two fire districts. Fire District 1 is the northern third of the township and covered by the Rice Fire Department.

Fire District 2 is contracted with the Sauk Rapids Fire Department and covers the southern two thirds of the township.

The fire contracts are an agreement with the township and the city to provide fire, rescue and medical call coverage for the township but not the actual cost of the fire/medical or rescue calls. Under *Ordinance #3 Watab Township bills the residents and non-residents for their cost of the service. Watab Township covers 25% of the first hour of any call to a resident. Nonresidents pay 100% of the service call charges. It is the responsibility of residents and nonresidents to send the bill to their insurance company and/or pay the bill received from the Township. The first month does not include interest. After 30 days, interest of 15% is added to any unpaid bill each month. After two notices for payment have been sent, a delinquency notice will be mailed informing the party that any unpaid services will be sent to collections or attached to property tax statements.

Fire District 1 – Rice Fire Department

2021-2022: January, 1, 2021, through December 1, 2022

Contract Amount:

  • Year 1: $27,571.21
  • Year 2: $29,080.71

Payment for each year of the contracts is due on or before June 30 and December 31 in the amounts of $13,785.60 (2021) and $14, 540.36 (2022), respectively.


  • $350/first hourr; $300 each additional hour or fraction thereof
  • Medical/Rescue: $150 for the first half hour or fraction thereof
  • $150 cancelled call fee (applies when vehicles/crews leave the station)

Fire District 2 – Sauk Rapids Fire Department

2020-2022: March 1, 2020, through April 30, 2022

Contract Amount:

  • Year 1 $42,983.00
  • Year 2 $42,983.00

Payment for each year of the contract is due June 30 of each year.


  • Fire/False Alarms; Good Intent Calls, and Non-Highway Rescue: $415/first hour; $285 each additional hour or fraction thereof