What permits do I need for building, remodeling, and new construction?
Benton County Department of Development issues land use permits. Watab Township has adopted the Minnesota Universal Building Code and also requires that a building permit be obtained. Nancy Scott of AllSpec Services, LLC is the Township Building Inspector and can be reached at 320-293-5298. Building inspection fees are based on valuation. New driveways off a township road require a driveway access permit, which can be obtained from the clerk or one of the supervisors. The township also requires Land Disturbance Permits for new construction. Please contact the Clerk's Office.

Road Services

Who provides road services?
The town board maintains township roads. The county roads are maintained by the county. You need to know which you live on. Further questions on Snowplowing and ditch mowing in Watab Township should be directed to one of the board supervisors.

Emergency Services

Who provides emergency service?
Approximately the north third of the township receives emergency services from the Rice Fire Department. The southern two-thirds of the township (95th Street NW) to the southern township border is covered by the Sauk Rapids Fire Department.

Ambulance service is provided by Gold Cross throughout the Township.